Clyde  A R C

Established 1865

2023 Clyde Power Sprints

  • Under SR rules
  • Saturday 7 May 2022
  • Side by side knockout racing over approximately 250m

Race control will be hosted at The West Boathouse, Glasgow Green.

Race information

The full information pack and draw information can be found here.


Entries can be made via PlayWaze.


The following event categories are offered:

  • 1x, Open & Women’s (J14, J16, J18, Nov, R2, Open, Masters)
  • 2x, Open & Women’s (J14, J16, J18, Nov, R2, Open, Masters, Mixed Open, Mixed Nov)
  • 2-, Open & Women’s (J18, R2, Open, Masters)
  • 4x+, Open & Women’s (J14, Nov)
  • 4x, Open & Women’s (J16, J18, R2, Open, Masters)
  • 4+, Open & Women’s (J16, Nov, Masters)
  • 4-, Open & Women’s (J18, R2, Open)

2023 Clyde Power Sprints

13 May 2023

West Boathouse, Glasgow Green, Glasgow