Clyde  A R C

Established 1865

Joining Clyde

Anyone with an interest in rowing is welcome to join Clyde ARC.

We run regular sessions for beginners and recreational rowers.

If you’re interested in joining or joining a beginners session please contact our captain at


You’re welcome to come down to a couple of sessions to see if you enjoy the sport and the atmosphere of the club, but once you’re ready we’ll ask you to join as a member.

There are a few steps involved in becoming a member, but none of them should take more than a few minutes.

1. Fill out a membership form.

We’ll need you to sign-up on our membership form this allows us to collect any emergency contact information which we might need, as well as making sure that we can keep you up to date with our planned sessions each week!

2. Set up a standing order for your membership fees

You can choose to pay membership fees either annually or monthly (the current fees are listed on the membership form linked above). If you want to pay monthly we ask that you set up a standing order to do this. Annual memberships run from October to the following September, so if you’re joining part-way through the year please make a payment for the number of remaining months up to the end of September.

You can get the correct bank details to pay into from our treasurer at, or speak to a coach or committee member at a session. When you set up your standing order please use your name as the payment reference so that we can identify your payments!

3. Complete a West Boathouse Induction

We row out of the West Boathouse on Glasgow Green. We also share this facility with two other clubs, and to ensure that everyone works together in this arrangement we have a shared set of values which are contained within our code of conduct. All of our members should read the code of conduct, and you’ll need to sign a copy before we can complete your induction for the boathouse.

4. Get a keycard

Once you’ve had your boathouse induction we’ll issue you with a keycard which will give you access to the boathouse.

5. Get a Scottish Rowing License

We also ask that you join Scottish Rowing and obtain a rowing license. This covers your insurance while you’re on the water. Two types of license are available; racing and non-racing licenses. Details are available from Scottish Rowing.