Clyde A R C

Established 1865


It is cureently possible to facilitate a limited return to rowing activities at Clyde.

Risk Assessment

The Club has completed a risk assessment which will be kept under review. It can be found here.

Boating from Glasgow Rowing Club

During the period that Clyde will operate from the Glasgow Rowing Club boathouse members must abide by the Covid-19 regulations of GRC. This includes using their booking system to book a time to use facilities.

The GRC regulations can be found here and the booking system and additional guidance can be found here

Contact tracing and record-keeping

Members will be asked to coordinate their use of the boathouse, which is subject to the current limit of no more than two people from a maximum of two households, by indicating their attendance by means of a google form. Please click here to register your attendance.

In addition to booking your time to use the facilities and to rack and unrack boats, we will ask that all members record their use of facilities and equipment, in order to assist with contact tracing.

We will maintain this information for a period of 21 days, in line with Scottish Government guidance.

Covid-19 Officer

The club’s designated Covid-19 officer is Daniel Williams, who can be contacted at

New Precautions and procedures

Hygiene procedures in the Boathouse

When you arrive at the boathouse please use hand sanitiser to clean your hands. This will be provided inside the door. Please clean high-contact surfaces on boats and oars both before and after use, for example:

Additional alcohol wipes, disinfectant and soap will be made available in the boat bay for this purpose. Please take special care if you are using shared club equipment. Please thoroughly wipe-down ergometers and gym equipment after use with disinfecting spray. Appropriate cleaning equipment will be available in the gym, and we ask that members let the committee know if supplies are running low.

Entering and leaving the boathouse

Members must make use of the hand sanitised provided on entering and leaving the club and use a sanitising wipe to disinfect touch points such as the door handle on departure. Retrieving and replacing equipment Please allow one person at a time into the smaller boat bay to retrieve/replace oars or boats. Where assistance is needed in carrying a boat, enter the boat bay in the direction the boat will be stored in, maintaining a 2 metre physical distance, and spend no more time than necessary in the boat bay.

Tagging equipment

Boats and oars may be tagged or reserved for particular members. Please wash boats and oars after use, esp handles, and sanitise hands after washing equipment, after putting trestles away, and after closing boat bay doors.

Moving through the boat bay

Members should pass through the main boat bay in single file, maintaining a 2 metre physical distance. If another person is coming in the opposite direction, one member should wait in the area at the bow end of Giles and Esplanade, where there is sufficient space to maintain physical distance, to allow the other to pass.

Launching and landing

Only one member at a time should be present on the steps, unless assistance is needed in carrying a boat. Where this is required, two persons can carry a single and easily maintain physical distance. Only those who can push off and land by themselves are able to go out on the river at present.

The number of members at the steps area or in the boatyard at any one time is limited to that defined by the current restrictions.

Use of changing room and gym

It is not currently permitted to use either the changing room or the gym.

Members are advised to minimise the number of personal articles they bring to the boathouse.