Clyde ARC is located in the West Boathouse on Glasgow Green next to the Weir and close to the High Court between the Saltmarket and the Albert Bridge. The West Boathouse is split into two parts of which we inhabit one. We are homed in the western part of the boathouse, which is the side closer to the High Court and the Weir.


Clyde ARC is open to anyone interested in rowing, whether beginner or elite rower. Our membership includes rowers of all ages and levels of ability. Individual goals range from staying fit to competing in local, national or international regattas. Clyde ARC offers opportunities for persons with disabilities to learn to row and participate as recreational or competitive members.

Glasgow History

Founded in 1865, Clyde Amateur Rowing Club is one of Scotland’s oldest clubs. The club has played a significant role in this classic, demanding and rewarding sport, in both Scottish and British rowing history, of which we are very proud. Some of the highlights of our heritage can be found within our History section (Click here)


We try to ensure that we don’t get too caught up in our training, and the club has a good social side. Highlights include the annual Summer Barbeque, Burns Supper and Christmas Dinner.  So if you are interested in seeing what Clyde ARC has to offer, contact us by clicking HERE to arrange a time to come down for a visit.

Our Committee

Dave Gray

Club President

Sarah Locke

Club Captain

Caitlin Watson

Club Treasurer

Phil York

Club Secretary

Sharon Coats

Vice President

Grant Ross

Vice Captain

Emma Thomson

Ordinary Member / Water Safety

Daniel Williams

Ordinary Member / Social Media

Caitie Gorton-Phillips

Ordinary Member

Valerie Ferrat

Ordinary Member