The Clyde Star and other Trophies

Back in the day, the rowing clubs of Scotland held races and regattas in many different formats as was possible due to the high numbers of athletes wanting to compete in rowing.

Some events were confined to club members only, whereas other events were contested against another single club. Finally, there were also events for multiple clubs, much like most of the events run within Scottish Rowing today. Unlike today, the prizes competed for, were often cups and trophies, as opposed to t-shirts, medals and tankards.

These trophies, such as the MacLay Cup, were made from sterling silver and were highly sought after. A winning club or crew would have their name inscribed on the trophy, which would be returned to the club the following year for the same event, but the winning crew would also receive a miniature (also made of silver) to keep.

The war years of the 20th century and the ebb and flow of both Clyde ARC membership and the number of Scottish rowers overall meant that the trophies fell out of being contested each year, further meaning that the location of some of these trophies was forgotten. Clyde ARC and many of the other surviving rowing clubs lost trophies over the years which are presumably, sadly, gathering dust in attics.

The Silver Rudder however, is still in the club’s posession and the traditional contest held against the Edinburgh based club, St Andrew, has been re-inaugurated by Clyde ARC. The event is now held again annually and the results since the re-inauguration follow here:

2009: Clyde ARC

2008: Clyde ARC

2007: Clyde ARC

2006: St Andrew Boat Club

Another trophy which is still within the club’s posession is the Golden Oar. This tiny trophy is of a forearm sized wooden oar, with a golden collar. Although this event has not yet been re-inaugurated, there are plans afoot to do so.

The final trophy currently within the club’s possession comes from a more recent tradition inaugurated in 2004:  the pewter Clyde Star Quaich. The Clyde Star has been the symbol of Clyde ARC since the club formalised its existence in 1865. It was used on the original “club kit” and can be seen in the historic photographs at the clubhouse. It features on the club badge, the club flag, and currently on both the balcony of the clubhouse and the club racing kit. The naming of the Clyde Star, is therefore both a reference to the symbol of the club and the deserving recipient.

The Clyde Star Quaich is awarded annually to the club member deemed to have contributed most to the club over the past year. The award is determined by voting at the annual club AGM held in September, where each club member has one equal vote. The trophy tends to be awarded to a member who has given their time for the good of the club, however outstanding athletic performance has also been recognised. The trophy, is therefore, a type of MVP, Most Valued Player, though what they are valued for, is up to the voters.

2019: Grant Ross

2018: Dave Gray

2017: Caitlin Watson

2016: Sharon Coats

2015: Phil York

2014: Sarah Locke

2013: Sarah Locke

2012: Sarah Locke

2011: Sarah Locke

2010: Caitie Gorton-Phillips

2009: James Murphy

2008: Niall Darroch

2007: Lorna Logan

2006: John Ritchie

2005: Niall Darroch

2004: Paddly Adler