Clyde A R C

Established 1865

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Activity Hazard Actor Probability Impact Mitigation Residual Risk Rating
Entering/leaving club Contamination from door handle Club members H M Make hand sanitiser available in boat bay for use after entering club. Members must have their own sanitiser to use after leaving club, or can be let out by others. Last person out must have their own sanitiser. L
Retrieving and replacing equipment Close contact with others Club members H M One person at a time in the smaller boat bay retrieving/replacing oars or boats. Where assistance is needed carrying a boat, decide who is taking which end and enter boat bay in that order, maintaining 2 metre distance. L
  Touching contaminated equipment Club members M M Boats/oars tagged or reserved for particular members. Wash boat and oars after use, esp handles, and sanitise hands after washing equipment, after putting trestles away and after closing boat bay doors. L
Moving through main boat bay Close contact with others Club members M M Walk through the main boat bay in single file, maintaining 2 metre distance. If someone is coming in the other direction, there is enough space to wait in the area at the bow end of Giles and Esplanade to allow others to pass. L
Boating at steps Close contact with others Club members L M One person at a time on the steps unless assistance needed carrying boat. If so, two people can carry a single and easily maintain distance. Only those who can push off and land themselves to be able to go out. L
  Too many people congregating in steps area Club members L M Limit number of people in steps area and boatyard at one time L
Use of toilet Touching contaminated surfaces. Aerosolised virus when flushing toilet. Club members H M Close lid before flushing toilet. Wash hands with soap after using toilet and sanitise them downstairs in boat bay after exiting changing rooms and touching doors. L
Use of changing rooms to store valuables Close contact with others Club members M M One person at a time to go upstairs to put or retrieve their things. L
  Touching contaminated surfaces Club members M M Use hand sanitiser in the boat bay downstairs after touching the doors upstairs and the handrail down the stairs. L